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Space 124 Residency



For the month of October, I will be in residence in Space 124, at Project Artaud in San Francisco.

The month will be spent installing groups of paintings from a project I have been working on since 2001. The installation will change daily.

Visitors are invited to visit between the hours of 10 and 6.

"The paintings are loaded springs.  18 years in the making, the paintings are accumulations of many images painted one on top of another.  They are packed with the history of their making.

I am not concerned with looking for the end of the painting.  I am not concerned with goals, or completion.  My interest is in the accumulations and transformations that result as paint accrues and images pile up."

If you are not in San Francisco, or are unable to visit, you can follow the documentation of the residency here, or @bradbrown00 on Instagram.

(Purchase a drawing to help cover the cost of the residency.)

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