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Each set of serials is comprised of an even-numbered group of 6 x 6-inch sheets of paper.  With all of the pages of a given serial arranged in front of me, a mark or gesture is applied to a single page in the group. The "same" gesture is repeated on each page. In repeating the gesture, there is inevitable variation.


A second gesture - a response to, but distinct from, the first - is laid onto the first sheet and again mutates as it is reiterated from page to page. Distinctions between successive gestures are based in part on a shift from one medium - ink, graphite, oil crayon, watercolor, walnut ink, or a collaged element - to another. Remaining true to spontaneity, I may apply the "same" gesture in different positions on each succeeding page. The sensibility and direction of a piece will change, often drastically, with the addition of each gesture.


The project is made up of 234 discrete series using vastly different approaches and subjects.

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